911 with a 911

On a recent trip to the Carlisle, PA Porsche only swap meet I met an artist who was selling some of his work. The artist is Stephen Landau of Block Prints. His particular form of art is lino art or linoleum. Essentially, he starts with a block of linoleum and removes material until what is left is a mirror relief of his intended subject. Once the carving is done, he rolls ink on the block then presses paper to the ink.

Stephen had a modest stand in the vendor area of the Carlisle swap meet but, he had the coolest business card around. On the one side is his business details. On the other side is a small piece of his wonderful art. So, in the picture above you see one of my white 934 RSR Hot Wheels with a framed business card from Stephen. I bought a t-shirt as well and it’s dope. Please check him out.

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